Sunday, 8 March 2015

4th Dimension Show with Georgia Love discusses why The Vampire Obsession

On Wed Mar 11th at 3PM PST time at
The 4th Dimension Show offers reasons for the Vampire Obsession
Scientific Research on Glutathione and Paranormal Research has made it possible to join the dots and discover what is behind the North American Obsession with Vampires and Vampire Movies
At age 20, we slow down making the precious antioxidant, Glutahione which we create so abundantly   
By age 40, we have slowed down so much that all of our hereditary diseases surface.
Glutathione is 300 times more powerful than Vit C or Vit E for keeping us young and healthy
Our cells need it for detoxifying and creating healthy cells
Subconsciously, we realize this
Thus our curiousity for blood
The Phillippines have for many years done Blood Transfusions for movie stars, sports celebrities and the 1%
This is a known fact in the Phillippines where tons of money has been paid for these blood transfusions
Now Max International has created Riboceine after 45 years of research to help our body create its own source of Glutathione
2 capsules in am and pm and your body heals and reverses the medical conditions we suffer from because of the decline of this wonderful element in our body
This is why people are so drawn to vampires as through the ages people have slaughtered animals and humans to drink their blood
We knew on a base level we needed this in our body to stay young and healthy
Have you been affected by seeing these vampire movies
Do you think that you are lacking Glutathione and that is why you are drawn to this
Is this why older men seek out young women as they have this precious element in their blood
We have the sense of smell to know if another human has Glutathione in their body
Are children and young adults going missing all over the world for but blood transfusions?
Are you aware of any of this? 
Do you think that you may be a vampire yourself?
Why does Hollywood glorify Vampires?
Could David Icke be right and the royal family involved with any of this?
eg last time the queen visited Canada a school bus of native children went missing
It never went to the media in Canada and the bus was never recovered Just vanished
Stop to think about that -
Native children because of their diet being wild animals would have the highest level of Glutathione possible
I discovered this 14 years later from a radio host out of the USA as the story was covered there
What the fffff is going on?
This is my bravest show yet and maybe people will wake up and make the officials take this seriously
I want to know where the doctors are that would do these transfusions
There has to be some evidence - some way to find these criminals
If you have any information call our show on Mar 11th Wed at 3PM PST time

Sunday, 22 February 2015

HAARP Controls Weather for Winter Games

Yes, for the last 100 years in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada we have had 20 below weather for the month of February
Not this year, February 2015 we have had spring weather with temperatures above freezing and rising to 9 above during the day.
For the last 20 years, H A A R P, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been controlling the weather. This absolutely proves this fact.
Now it is nice that we have had such wonderful weather for the Winter Games but the horrible weather back in Eastern Canada and United States is beyond reason.
Yes, H A R R P is steering the weather.
In fact there are more than 17 H A R R P Installations around the world that are creating extreme conditions all over the world.
The original creators of this vast technology were intent on making this science for the benefit of humanity.
If it was used as it was originally created for the deserts would have the rain to produce life; the grain belt of the bread basket of America would have just the right amount of rain to produce abundant crops, and the extreme hurricanes would be silenced.
It is time for humanity to demand the best use of this mighty science to be used in the manner that it was intended; to aid all living things on this planet.
At this time, it is being used to melt the Arctic so there will be a year round shipping route above Northern Canada. This has to stop and in fact used to redo the ice in the Arctic which it can easily accomplish.
Mankind wake up and make our scientists and Big Government accountable to our precious planet now.